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Corn starch production line

Corn starch production line

The color of corn starch is light white,the corn starch is soaked in the sulphurous acid (the concentration is 0.3%),then we can get the starch by crushing,screening,sedimentation,drying and grinding etc.

Manufacturing technique of corn starch:

Cleaning the corn-soaking-separating the germ--fine grinding and separating the residue--separating the gluten--starch milk--dewatering--wet starch-spray drying-packing

The following machines can be used for this production process:

Vibration sifter

Stone cleaning groove-----2 sets (Owned)

Sulphurous acid tank-------1 set (Owned)

Sulphur absorption tower

Steeping tank------6 sets (Owned)

Heavy vibration sifter
Crushing machine

Pin mill
Germ cyclone
Germ vibrating sifter

Pressure curved sifter

Washing tank

Vibration separator

Washing cyclone

Steam floating tank

Sprial wiping machine

Drying machine

Plate and frame filter press

Depositing tank

Centrifugal machine

Airflow drying machine

Washing tank and slurry tank etc

Pump,tube and valve etc.

The impurities of the corn can be removed by vibration sifter,for example,in order to remove the big impurities,the round hole 17-20mm in diameter is the first layer,and the round hole 12-15mm in diameter is the second layer,in order to remove small impurities,,the round hole 2mm in diameter is the third layer.







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