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The installation of airflow screen



1.Airflow sceen shall be installed on the special base which fixed by embedded bolt,or it shalled be equipped with anti-vibration rubber sheet between the working platform and base of airflow screen if not have the special base.
2.Should connect with grounding wire before the current is switched on.
3.Generally,some of fastening bolts for transportation,remove these bolts before running.


Installation of mesh screen

1.Make sure the installation of mesh screen is correct,both sides of cylindric mesh screen shall be fixed by stainless steel wire.
2.The junction of mesh screen shall be pasted by strong adhesives.
3.Adjusting the mesh screen of airflow screen at the same time as tightening,make sure the mesh screen tension uniformly.

The installation of other support parts

1.The rotate direction of main wind wheel is counter-clockwise.
2.The direction of main engine,induced draft fan and discharging spiral shall conform to the arrowheads marked on the airflow screen.
3.Firstly,start the induced draft fan,after several seconds,operate the airflow screen,check the connections of airflow screen for air leakage,stop and inspect the airflow screen if any abnormal.

Commissioning of airflow screen

Complete the above steps,wrap the discharging of spiral with cloth bag,make sure the operation of airflow screen normal,then,the worker can feed the material of 50-100kg into feed inlet,then increase the feeding quantity gradually,make sure the feeding is uniformly and continuously.Stop the airflow screen after completion of feeding,open the viewport and inspect the material when the machine comes to a complete stop.







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