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Screw Conveyor


Screw conveyor is used to convey and stir the materials which has the following physical forms:powder, granular or small block in the field of medicine, food and environment protection industries and can control the flow capacity of materials by adjusting rotate speed.

As an effective conveying equipment,screw conveyor can feed materials to the next working procedure evenly,and keep production running smoothly.


Technical parameter

Model Rotate speed


Capacity of transfer powder


Rotate speed


Cap. of transfer powder


Rotate speed


Cap. of transfer powder


LS150 190 4.5 90 4.1 90 3.6
LS200 150 8.5 75 7.9 75 7
LS250 150 16.5 75 15.6 75 13.8
LS300 120 23.3 60 21.2 60 18.7
LS400 120 54 60 51 60 45
LS500 90 79 60 96 60 74.5
LS600 90 139 45 134.2 45 110


After-sale Guarantee

1.24 hours online service.
2.Providing written instruction for customer.
3.Video instruction for solving problem.
4.Dispatching engineer to install and debug the sieve shaker.
5.Assisting the customer in training workers.


Operating instruction

1.Preparation before running
(1)Check that there is no foreign body in the equipment,make sure that the cover plate fastening.
(2)Make sure the oil level of reducer maintains at a stable level
(3)Ensure the tightness of foundation bolt
(4)Check that there is no foreign body at the outlet
Screw conveyor should be no-load operation after starting,the handling material can be added when screw conveyor is running normally.Keep feeding uniformly.
Prevent iron accessories and foreign material from entering the screw conveyor during the process of operation.
Operator shall check if the oil level of reducer is normal,keep the transmission parts lubrication.Make sure anchor bolts of bearing are fastened.
3.Stop running
Make sure all of the material is discharged befor screw conveyor stops,load jobs must be banned.
Several sets of screw conveyor formed a conveyor line,stopping procedure shall be contrary to running procedure.
Press the button “emergency stop” of the control box when parking and maintenance

Common troubles & solutions

Common troubles Causing reasons Solutions
Material overflow The sundries in the material will clog up hanger shaft. Stop running and remove the sundries
The material stick to blade or shaft because of high moisture Moisture control when feeding,

clean the blade in time

Circumventing of transmission device Stop running and repair it
The jam of outlet Check the outlet and downstream equipment,keep clear
Material amount is superior to design value Material amount controlling
Equipment shell instability When installation,the center line of spiral segment is different Fine the correct center line when re-installation
Driving motor overload Sundries in the handling material Prevent iron accessories from entering the screw conveyor;

Space maintenance between screw blade and shell

Too large feeding capacity will results in motor overload Control feeding capacity
The jam of outlet Check the outlet and downstream equipment,Keep clear
Too much stock before stop Make sure all of the material is discharged befor screw conveyor stops






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