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Linear Vibrating Screen



Linear vibratory screen use excellent vibration motor as power source, so that the materials can be thrown up on the screen and forward to make a straight movement.It can be equipped with single or multi-screen to achieve the grading, removing impurity,removing dust, testing, washing selecting,dehydration etc.


The linear vibratory screen is fully enclosed structure, no dust, auto-nesting, etc., is more suitable for pipeline operations within 24 hours;

Linear motion vibrating screen has a low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance;



Linear vibration machine has a unique effect on powdery, granular materials selection and classification. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metal, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

Chemical industry: fertilizers, urea, petroleum coke, resins, paints, cosmetics, paints and so on.

The pharmaceutical industry: industrial chemicals, the powder particles pills, pellets, etc;

Food industry: soy, chestnut, small steamed bread, spices, sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soy milk, egg, soy sauce, fruit juice.

Metals, mining metallurgy: aluminum powder, lead powder, copper powder, ore alloy powder, powder electrodes, manganese dioxide, copper powder, magnetic power, abrasives, refractory, kaolin, limestone, alumina, heavy carbon acid calcium, quartz sand.

Other industries: plastics, abrasives, activated carbon, carbon, building materials industry.



Model Size(mm) Feed size(mm) angle Amplitude(mm) Layer Power
HM-520 500*2000 0.074-1mm 0-7 degree 4-10mm 1-5mm 2*0.75kw
HM-525 500*2500 2*0.75kw
HM-530 500*3000 2*0.75kw
HM-1020 1000*2000 2*1.1kw
HM-1025 1000*2500 2*1.5kw
HM-1030 1000*3000 2*1.8kw
HM-1040 1000*4000 2*2.2kw
HM-1225 1200*2500 2*1.5kw
HM-1235 1200*3500 2*2.2kw
HM-1540 1500*4000 2*3.7kw

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