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Pneumatic conveying system for high temperature material

Pneumatic conveying system for high temperature material


The pneumatic conveying system is able to exactly convey the material with high temperature (≤300℃),without pollution and damage.

With the help of airflow,the granule material will be conveyed to the equipment in next procedure through the tube of pneumatic conveying system.during the conveying process,the state of tube is vacuum,under the action of vacuum,the handled material will be sucked into nozzle,through the conveying tube,the material will be conveyed to the  other separator.the airflow will be discharged into the environment after purification and noise elimination.

In actual production,the pneumatic conveying system is equipped with automatical & electrical control system, automatic operation can be truly put into effect.


Advantages for pneumatic conveying system

1.Made by stainless steel SUS304 0r SUS316 to meet INTERNATIONAL standard;
2.The pneumatic conveying system is completely sealed for dust-free working condition;
3.This pneumatic conveying system can feed powder or small granule product into sealed or open containers;
4.The machine boy is compact, reliable and operation is very easy.

After-sale Guarantee

1.24 hours online service.
2.Providing written instruction for customer.
3.Video instruction for solving problem.
4.Dispatching engineer to install and debug the sieve shaker.
5.Assisting the customer in training workers.







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