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  Lingshou Antai Mining Co., Ltd., formerly known as Lingshou Hengsheng mineral powder factory, is located in Ciyu Town, Lingshou county. The company is a professional mineral powder processing enterprise which mainly produces filler grade ultra-fine mica powder, barite powder, sericite powder, heavy calcium carbonate and talcum powder, supplemented by other mineral filler. Our factory has a professional and reasonable mica separation and crushing equipment. Relying on the unique advantages of mica resources, we produce two series of Muscovite powder with dry and wet methods. With its pure texture, regular shape, smooth surface, good whiteness, good glossiness, small bulk density, large thickness ratio and other excellent appearance quality and physical properties after adding, it is widely used in insulation special paint and coating , engineering plastics, rubber, cosmetics and other industrial fields are ideal high-quality mineral fillers. Since the products are put on the market, they are favored by customers at home and abroad. In particular, the key product wet grinding 325 mesh mica powder has been sold to Japan, the United States, Europe and other markets.

  As two new products developed by our company, barite powder and sericite powder are unique: Barite has high purity and whiteness, and can be processed to a certain fineness, which can not only be used as general filler and chemical raw material, but also partly replace white pigment and precipitated barium sulfate, etc.; sericite is famous for its unique micro crystallization besides its natural flake structure which is the same as muscovite Good peelability. Sericite has been widely used in rubber, plastics, coatings, ceramics, welding electrodes and other industries.

  Our independent laboratory can effectively control product quality; professional technicians have unique advantages in new product development and product application. Since its establishment, the company's appearance has been constantly updated; new products have been produced; new application areas have been explored.

  We are looking forward to working with you hand in hand with sincere efforts!

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